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hp deskjet 3630


Achieves essential functionality at an affordable value with an efficient printer which boasts a chic space-saving design that enables to print, scan and copy. The desk jet 3630 is wireless ready and features a flat-bed scanner, a hi-speed internet 2.0 port networks. Cheapest printer with instant ink


Touch screen or automatic double sided printing and the plastic feels to be an awfully fragile, especially exterior tray. The Desk jet can print, copy and scan in addition to USB connection it supports HP e-print, Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi direct. Prints wirelessly from devices including smart phones and tablets even a wireless router is not available. Lack of touch screen is that to configure using app. 60 sheet interior tray and 25 sheet exterior trays for normal paper, HP card and HP photo paper. Printing on photo paper, prints are borderless on A4 sheet. Print quality is up to 1200X1200, with an effective at 4800X1200. Printing on HP photo paper and source is 1200 dpi. Scanner is 1200 dpi and photocopying delivers at 600X300 dpi. Recommended volume is of 250 sheets per month.


Keeping beneficial is made simple which features a clear display panel with simple icons for enabling quick access to print, scan and copy functions.


Get innovative and print borderless photos, ace and several other types of documents.


This printer is easy to setup, even easier to use since enables mobile printing. Easily connect this printer with compatible smart phone, tablet or PC and quickly start printing.


With the free remote mobile app also manage to printing and scanning.


This printer comes with HP 63 Black Ink Cartridge (~ 190 pages) and HP 63 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (~165 pages) and ensures the deliverance of high quality prints at a great value.


  1. Really cheap
  2. Decent quality and speed
  3. Instant ink offers genuine savings
  4. Easy to install
  5. Phone and tablet support is a bonus


  1. Looks and feels flimsy
  2. Shop-brought cartridges are expensive
  3. Basic paper handling


HP DeskJet 3630 is a basic printer featuring Wi-Fi connectivity. Capable of printing photos and documents with e-print applications on ios devices. Has an LCD display that is 1 inch wide. Due to small display, HP’s printer assistant software must be used to setup the printer. So this printer is very efficient.

123 HP DESKJET 3630 Printer Setup




Before installing printer software connecting wireless network, check for the requirements, turn the printer, computer and also the router.

  1. To use printer on wireless network, we need.
  • A computer with wireless network.
  • INTERNET ACCESS: Broad band internet access such as cable or DSL software downloads using web services and getting printer updates.
  1. The router and computer are turned on and that the computer is turned onto the same wireless network to which printer should be connected.
  2. Set up the printer, load paper in the input tray and install ink cartridges.
  3. Turn on the printer and place close to the computer within the range of the router.

On computer to start printing, start software installation then download and install print driver. Contains both printer drivers and HP printer assistant software for scanning and other printer management functions.

  1. Detach USB cable from printer.
  2. Then to download the installing software.
  3. Double click driver file with HP easy start or in the form of downloaded files.
  4. When prompted to select printer, click my printer is not shown then the printer not found screen displays.
  5. Clack continues and then select wireless network.
  6. Snap continue and follow on-screen instructions to set up a printer on wireless network.


Set up HP printer for USB cable connection to computer. To get full features, install the HP driver.

  1. Confirm the requirements and then begin,
    • Printer is turned on and in steady state.
    • Obtain USB cable less than 3m in length.
    • Available USB port on computer: Printer is connected through USB; printer won’t get enough power to operate.
    • If USB cable is connected to computer continue the steps to remove printer for a successful 123 hp
  2. Disconnect printer USB cable from computer.
  3. Search windows for devices and then click devices and printers in the control panel settings.
  4. Right click the icon for the printer model and click remove device.
  5. Close devices and printers window and then continue to next step.
  1. Go to 123.hp.com, enter the printer model. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the driver. Depending on the driver model, HP easy start might download.
    • If driver downloads, follow on-screen instructions to open download file to start the 123 hp dj Choose the connection type as USB for this process. No need to complete the remaining steps of setup.
    • If the download fails, then we have to download the driver file from website.
  2. Go to HP customer support- software and driver downloads, enter the printer model and then make sure the operating system version is correct.
  3. Use driver-product installation software, click download and follow the on-screen instructions to save and run the driver file in the computer.
  4. When installer selects printer connection option, select USB to continue and complete the hp.com/setup.
  5. Try to print, scan or fax documents depending on printer’s performance.


  1. Agape the coffer.
  2. Interior to the coffer, there is a setup poster, which has written procedure about uncrate, setup and installation.
  3. Then ink cartridges are available are 63-black ink cartridge and 63-tricolour ink cartridge and a power cord.
  4. A disc is available to setup the software and drivers or else can also be downloaded and a caution sheet.
  5. Abolish packing materials on top of printer and skid the printer out of the coffer.
  6. In the coffer, additional contents are available they are user manual, activation key for bonus software.
  7. Abolish the Styrofoam and caps one at a time.
  8. Abolish clear plastic from around printer.
  9. Access the paper exterior tray and remove blue tape.
  10. Abolish all other blue tapes from all over the printer.
  11. Make sure to agape the cartridge access door and remove blue tape and cardboard from interior of the printer.
  12. Remove twist-tie from power cord and plug one-end to back of the printer and other end to wall outlet.
  13. Abbott the cartridge access door and no packing materials in scanner lid.
  14. Press the power button to turn on and printer will start initializing.
  15. When printer stops making noise, agape the cartridge access door.
  16. Agape the package containing black ink cartridge and remove protective tab from cartridge without touching copper coloured contacts. Contacts must face back of the printer.
  17. Slide the cartridge in right slot and press firmly until clicks.
  18. Repeat the same procedure for tri-colour ink cartridge in the left slot.
  19. Abolish the cartridge access door.
  20. Load the paper on interior tray and paper on input tray. Then adjust the paper towards left.
  21. Align and load the paper in the input tray. Align the paper width guide until touches edge of paper.
  22. Install the software disc on the computer and run the installer.
  23. Connect the USB port to printer and follow on-screen instructions to connect the printer.


  1. Insert the printer software CD in computer CD-ROM drive.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect printer to computer by selecting USB on connection options screen.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If printer software is installed, printer will operate as a plug and play device. If software has not been installed, insert the CD with printer and follow on-screen instructions.


  1. HP all-in-one printer remote app
  2. HP ePrint
  3. HP ePrint app
  4. HP print for chrome
  5. HP print services plug-in for android devices
  6. HP wireless direct
  7. Amazon fire devices
  8. Apple air print
  9. Google cloud print
  10. Mopria print service
  11. NFC touch to print
  12. Samsung print service plug-in
  13. USB On-The-Go(OTG) printing
  14. Wi-Fi direct
  15. Windows 10 mobile

How To Setup HP DESKJET 3630 Printer

HP DESKJET 3630 Google Cloud Print SETUP


  1. Connect the device to the same network as product.
  2. Print network status sheet
  3. Locate product IP address on network status sheet
  4. Enter IP address in address bar in web browser
  5. Select Google cloud print services option.
  6. Snap register
  7. Select check box to agree to usage and click next
  8. Click ok to go to sign in page. Separate browser window appears.
  9. Enter account username and password to sign in.
  10. Then printer registration to complete setup and print a test page.

HP DESKJET 3630 Eprint Setup


  1. Confirm to setup web services
  2. Press HP e-print button
  3. Email document to the printer
  • On computer or mobile device open email application
  • Create new email and attach document to print
  • Send email to printer email address

Printer prints attached document

  1. To turn off e-print, from printer control panel press HP eprint button.



  1. The printer and the apple device connected on the same network as print enabled device. For more information about air print goes to website link.
  2. Load paper that matches paper settings of printer.

To ensure Air Print, ensure the following:

      1. The printer and the Apple device must be connected to same network as Air Print enabled device.
      2. Load paper that matches the paper settings of the printer.

HP DESKJET 3630 Smart Phone Setup


  1. Go to printers control panel
  2. Go to setup
  3. Select the network or wireless menu
  4. Press wireless setup wizard
  5. Ensure to know the name (SSID) and password (WEP/WPA) of network.
  6. Select wireless network
  7. Enter password.
  8. Printer will be connected to network in short time.
  9. Give a test print
  10. Now print from smart phone, confirm HP device and smart phone connected to same network.

Troubleshooting HP DESKJET 3630 Printer

  1. Make sure the power cord connections secure and the printer is turned on.
  2. Computer is connected to printer with USB cable; confirm the USB connections are secure. Computer is connected to printer with wireless connection.
  3. Visit website and download tools which can fix common printer problems.

Make sure printer should be set as default printing device and confirm that printer has a checkmark in the circle. If printer is not selected in default printer then right click the icon and set as default printer from menu. If using USB cable but still cannot able to print means,

  1. Remove CD from CD drive then disconnect USB cable from computer.
  2. Restart computer
  3. Insert printer software CD from CD drive then follow on-screen instructions to install printer software. Do not connect USB cable.
  4. After installation finishes, restart the computer.

Check for print queue:

  1. In system preferences, click printers and scanners.
  2. Clack Open Print Queue
  3. Clack a print job.
  4. Use following buttons to manage print job
  • Cancel icon: Cancel the selected print job
  • Resume: Continue a paused print job
  1. If made changes, try to print again.

Restart and Reset:

  1. Restart the computer
  2. Reset the printer
  • Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord
  • Wait a minute, then plug the power cord back in and turn on the printer.

Reset the printing system:

  1. In system preferences, click printers and scanners.
  2. Press and hold the control key as on clicking the control key on the list on the left and then choose Reset printing system.
  3. Add printer which is to be used.

Uninstall the software:

  1. If the printer is connected to the computer through USB, disconnect printer from computer.
  2. Open the applications folder
  3. Double click HP uninstaller and then follow on-screen instructions.

To download and run HP print and scan doctor to resolving printing, scanning and current issues.

  1. Download HP prints and scans doctor, downloaded to the computer using internet. After installation and downloading, print and scan doctor opens.
  2. Click start on welcome screen
  3. If printer is not listed, then check the printer status and click my product is not listed and then retry.
  4. Then select printer and select next.
  5. If the connection problem is detected, select the method to connect printer and then retry.
  6. Depending on issue click printing or scanning.



Scan documents and photos using apps installed using Mac. Multiple scan methods are available depending on printer and operating system.


HP instant ink is an ink cartridge replacement service. Enrol in HP instant ink eligible partner is an instant ink plan. When printer runs on low ink, replacement ink cartridges are shipped at no cost. The steps for enrolling in instant ink are as follows.


HP instant ink has the following requirements.

  • Printer eligible for instant ink
  • Printer with an active internet connection
  • E-mail address
  • Valid credit or debit card
  1. Go to HP instant ink and click sign up to create a new account.
  2. Choose a plan to enter an enrolment key
  • If purchased an enrolment kit, then click enter key. Type the enrolment key correctly as displays on the enrolment card, otherwise the enrolment cannot complete.
  • If not purchased enrolment kit means, select any one plans for enrolment in HP customer support.
  1. Fill in the information to connect a HP instant ink. HP connected account is needed for HP instant ink.
  2. Confirm that the printer is connected to network. Then clack continue.
  3. To use HP instant ink, web services are turned on. Press ePrint icon on the control panel and then click continue.
  • If printer does not have ePrint button on control panel, then go to wireless settings to find web services menu.
  • HP Desk jet 2600 series: Press info and cancel at the same time
  • HP Desk jet 3700 series: Press info and web services at the same time
  1. Follow instructions display on printer control panel to turn on web services and also allow installing firmware updates.
  2. After turning on web services, wait for the printer to print the set up instructions. This page consists of printer claim code, after printing select ok
  3. Note the printer claim code on the information sheet. If the page does not have printer claim code then enable the page and again another page with printer claim code appears.
  4. Type the printer claim code same as that in the information sheet then click apply.
  1. On the shipping page, enter the address where the product is to be shipped. Then clack save and continue.
  2. On the billing information page, enter the payment card information and then clack continue.
  3. On the submit order page, review information, type special offers key (optional), check the box to agree to the terms of service and then click enrol. HP instant ink sends a welcome email with information about the account. Continue to the next step.

After completion of enrolment, click view button to see the features and tools of HP instant INK account.


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